Sunday, December 14, 2008

I wonder if...

the reason they were so big was so that they could fit different rooms inside.I was taking a tour inside a pyramid once and I couldn't believe how many rooms there was.OH... I was completly wrong. I stopped in 4 yeah that's right 4 different rooms. There was the King's chamber, the Queen's chamber' the "keepings" chamber and an unfinished room. They were connected by tons of feet of tunnels. I even saw places were stuff used to be. Grave robbers would use special to find a way in and leave with as much as they could carry. So big in size outside, but on the inside so little space used.
Oh yeah I almost forgot 1 Limestone block = 25 refrigerators (I couldn't believe it when I heard it to.)

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  1. only 4!? the pyramids are huge!?! how did they even get the blocks up(i guess i'll have to read your next post!)? The robbers must of been very smart to break into those.