Sunday, December 14, 2008

Imhotep who???

I was in my school library and I was reading a book and I came apon the name Imhotep. I learned that he was Djoser's chancellor and high priest. Snefru(Khufu's dad) had Imhotep design and construct the first pyramid. He and 100,000 others started constructing the pyramids. He aligned the pyramids up with the stars. His design was so efficient that it was used for most of the pyramids, including Khufu's. Through out egyptian life. After I read that I thought that may be I should make a pyramid with his design

Who is Khufu?

Who is he you ask?
I knew him once he is a good guy. Khufu (left) is very very important. He had Egyptians build him the greatest pyramid ever built. His pyramid was 137m tall and 230m wide. He later had a son named Khafre(right.) He is also a good guy. He later on had people build the 2nd largest pyramid built.
In no relation of the two. Menkaure had 1 of the smallest ever built. (I didn't like him as much.)

Tombs, why not Temples?

I was really wondering why were pyramids made as Tombs not Temples?( no really it was on my mind for quite a while.) I think they were made like that, because 20 long years just to make 1. Also the tunnels they made instead of leading to rooms they lead to tombs. I think if they wanted to make them as temples they could open the walls up so that the pharaohs could see their kingdom. I don't why I just suggested that they're awesome the way they are.

I wonder if...

the reason they were so big was so that they could fit different rooms inside.I was taking a tour inside a pyramid once and I couldn't believe how many rooms there was.OH... I was completly wrong. I stopped in 4 yeah that's right 4 different rooms. There was the King's chamber, the Queen's chamber' the "keepings" chamber and an unfinished room. They were connected by tons of feet of tunnels. I even saw places were stuff used to be. Grave robbers would use special to find a way in and leave with as much as they could carry. So big in size outside, but on the inside so little space used.
Oh yeah I almost forgot 1 Limestone block = 25 refrigerators (I couldn't believe it when I heard it to.)

Friday, December 12, 2008

I wonder how...

These got here. I was walking through the desert when I noticed I was walking on a giant mud ramp. The ramp I was walking on lead me to Khufu's great pyramid. The ramp I was made out of Gypsum, Tafla, and tons of limestone blocks. I later figured out that these ramps were used to drag the limestone blocks for the pyramids.They were kept slick by having people pour water on them( it would stink if you fell.)

(the ramps are green in this pic)